What is Thai Massage

The Ancient Traditional Thai Massage is a unique form of body work utilizing acupressure and muscle stretching. The holistic effects of Traditional Thai Massage make it the #1 requested therapy in Five Star Resorts worldwide.

Although the history of Thai massage originates from Thailand, it has been largely influenced by an ancient form of Ayurvedic traditions in India, where the spiritual aspect of the massage is from (Hinduism and Therevada Buddhism).

Similar to other Asian forms of massage, Thai massage makes use of healing the pressure points of the body so that good circulation can be achieved. For the massage, practitioners believe that illnesses are due to blockages in the energy points of the body. Because of these blockages, energy does not flow freely to energize the different parts of the body. This is where diseases start to take place.

In essence, the massage has some commonalities with Shiatsu style massage. Since it heals the meridian points (zen or energy lines) of the body, which increases circulation in their body. Immediately after a massage, one should feel an improvement in their balance, feel better and experience an internal peace. This is because Thai massage promotes deep relaxation that lets the helps remove the body’s stress. Thai massage realigns the energy lining of the human body.

Compared to the other types of massage therapy, Thai massage normally begins from the feet to the head. Perhaps this has something to do with the Thai belief that the feet are the dirtiest part of the body and the head is the holiest, which means that the individual’s energy should not be concentrated on his feet. The massage is then done using gentle strokes with 4 different positions by the therapist during the session. These positions include face-down, face-up, sideways, and a sitting position. All of these positions have been designed so that both you and your therapist are comfortable throughout the massage.

The reason why Thai massage is a popular form of massage and increasingly popular in Calgary is the fact that it helps them achieve deep relaxation in their body and heals them from the daily stresses in life.

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