Experience a Traditional Thai Massage in Calgary

Anyone in Calgary who’s ever visited Thailand and experienced a Traditional Thai massage, notices one thing when they return to their other type of massage therapist; they miss the massage they had in Thailand. The truth is, not all massage therapies are created equal.

Thai Massage Therapy is rooted in ancient techniques that focus on the flow of energy through your body. Through these ancient traditional health practices you experience a completely different sensation in your body you will have trouble experiencing with other types of massage therapies.

Do you practice Yoga? Do your girlfriends practice Yoga? Does your boyfriend practice Yoga? If you answered, “Oh Yes!”, There’s a reason for that. Yoga, just like Thai massage, is a traditional form of medicine; its part of living a healthy lifestyle. Anyone that practices Yoga appreciates the fact that their flexibility increases, they can breathe easier, and their bodies feel refreshed. The same is true for those that experience a Traditional Thai massage.

So, you’re in Calgary. Where can you get a Traditional Thai massage in Calgary, just like the one you had on your trip to Thailand? right here, at Baan Thai Massage.

To learn more about our Traditional Thai massage therapies, feel free to drop at our location on 4th Street or give us a call any day of the week at (403) 245-3944. We’re open Monday through Thursday: 10:00am – 6:30pm and
Friday – Sunday: 10:00am – 7:30pm.