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by monika on Baan Thai Massage
Incredible and eye opening

This was the best massage and experience I have ever had. I usually went to what’s called the “fancy places/ the high end” places as they show on Google; this time, I decided to give a chance to this little place I always walk by in Mission. All I can say is, that I was a fool; I feel embarrassed by giving into the propaganda of the big and fancy advertising on the web that we always see. This little place is a gem . I’m not young so I should know better ; I still can’t believe I spend so much money in the past on gimmicks . I absolutely recommend Baan Thai and this time I am bringing my 10 year old son with me. I really hope that you try this place, so places like Baan Thai can continue to be a part of our wonderful community and most of all make us feel whole and happy on the end of the day. I hope that me sharing my experience will help a little when you’re looking to give your body a real treat . M.

by Kevin Robert on Baan Thai Massage
Not only a therapeutic massage but an EXPERIENCE!!

I experienced a Traditional Thai Massage yesterday for the first and was amazed at how much of a therapeutic experience it was. Staff are so knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable. I would recommend Baan Thai Massage to anyone.

by Marian Kidd on Baan Thai Massage
Soothing and Relaxing

I was given a gift certificate and was very unsure about this type of massage. This was the best most soothing and relaxing massage I have ever had. I will definitely go back and am recommending it to everyone.

by Kevin Robert on Baan Thai Massage

My wife and I had a couples traditional thai massage this morning for our wedding anniversary and we loved it.My wife had Kanny as her therapist and i had Anny, which both were amazing. Very professional and made us feel very relaxed.Our bodies didnt know they could stretch that much. LOL now thanks to Baan Thai Massage we can feel blood flowing in our hands which due to poor circulation prior to the massage.Thank you so much Kanny and Anny

by Krista Demassi on Baan Thai Massage

This is the best massage in town. I always come out feeling totally rejuvenated.

The best massage place

Baan Thai massage are very good in what they do. They are very professional, respectful & friendly. I have been attended to by different staff & they’re all amazing. Particularly, I enjoy the traditional massage because it is holistic. I always leave there satisfied, relieved & feeling more flexible after every visit. I recommend baan to anyone who wants a wonderful massage experience.

by Tal edery on Baan Thai Massage
Sara is the best !!!!

I had tons of massages in my life .. But nothing even get close to the hand of Sara from been Thai massage.. Her hands it’s like a magic .. She knew exactly how to press, how to move and how to take away my pain ,usually when I’m going to do massage I always have to tell them what to do .. This time I didn’t even need to speak .. She read my body and healed it , I had foot massage with her in Xmas time and since then I’m just dreaming about her…I’m massage addicted and she the best I ever had… Next time I’ll do hot oil Thai massage with her.. I tried to book a few time but she was fully booked

by Jeremy Carver-James on Baan Thai Massage

This place is absolutely amazing. I am a singer /dancer, practice yoga, and excersize – with a traditional Thai massage you get stretching and deep pressure that helps relieve tension and give a full body massage unlike any other. A beautiful atmosphere and wonderful service are a definite plus. Anyone that uses their body intensely for work will get extreme benefits from this massage. A must try sure!!

by Janice on Baan Thai Massage
Delightfully Authentic

I lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 4 years, and went for massages 2 or 3 times a week. I was thrilled to find Baan Thai Massage when I moved to Calgary. It smells, sounds, and feels like I’m back in Thailand. The staff are all friendly and courteous, and the massages are amazing. I feel so languid and relaxed when my massage is finished.

by Sabeen on Baan Thai Massage
Best Massage in Town

My husband and I go often for the Thai hot oil massage and never leave less than satisfied and completely relaxed. Following the massage, unlike most other places, you don’t end up being sore or stiff later that day or the following day since they use a gentle, non stinging tiger balm. I have to say my favorite therapist is Nat. She is very skilled and knows the perfect pressure and technique to use. Just went for a massage this morning and can’t wait to schedule my next! Definitely a must try!

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