Now Approved by Manulife, Sunlife, & Alberta Blue Cross

***NOW APPROVED BY SUNLIFE, MANULIFE, & ALBERTA BLUE CROSS***   (be sure to request an approved therapist when booking!)

All of our massage therapists are Certified, Licensed Massage Practitioners, and Registered Massage Therapists.

Because the Province of Alberta does not legislate the profession of Massage Therapy, some insurance companies have chosen to change their criteria for the Registered Massage Therapists whom they will cover in their policy.

Some insurance companies, like Manulife, Sunlife, & Alberta Blue Cross, only reimburse receipts from RMTs with 2200 hours of education within Canada, and do not recognize any education from outside of Canada.

We now have therapists who meet this criteria.

If you need an RMT that meets the 2200hrs of education requirement as set forth by some insurance companies, please let us know when you book your appointment so that we can book you with an appropriate therapist.